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We offer a full range of fencing products, so you can be sure we have the right product for your home, no matter what look you want to achieve.

Closeboard Fencing

Closeboard fencingis by far the most popular and effective fencing system on the market today for domestic use. It is highly robust, very popular and won’t be coming down in the wind like basic panel fencing, which at best only has half the life span ofcloseboard. It comes in all different stock heights up to 2 metres high without planning permission and can be fitted over stock heights at a different spec or using acoustic systems. It is easily useable in all areas and is the best solution where ground contours differ. It can also be finished in turret

Picket Fencing

Traditional picket fences approximately 3' - 4' in height are an attractive boundary marker where full privacy is not required. The upright pales can be pointed, square or round.

Standard Overlap Panels

Overlap panels are common garden fencing, sometimes known as larch lap panels, they are familiar to us all. They come in standard heights of 3', 4', 5' & 6' supported with either wooden or concrete posts. Life expectancy is less than fences such as close board and are not suitable for exposed locations. They are best

Trellis & Lattice Panels

With a wide range of trellis panels there are numerous decorative fences that can be constructed.


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